KBC Ancora records annual result of EUR 26.4 million

29 August 2014

Leuven, 29 August 2014 (17.40 hrs CEST)

KBC Ancora recorded a profit of EUR 26.4 million in the financial year 2013/2014, equivalent to EUR 0.34 per share. This compares with a profit of EUR 50.8 million in the previous financial year. The result in the second half of the financial year was EUR -10.6 million, or EUR -0.14 per share.
The profit for the year was due principally to non-recurring income from the sale of KBC Group shares, plus the repurchase of a loan in November 2013. As announced earlier, KBC Ancora will not be distributing a dividend in respect of the financial year 2013/2014.

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