KBC Ancora distributes an interim dividend of EUR 4.09 per share on 6 June 2024

24 May 2024

Regulated information, inside information, Leuven, 24 May 2024 (17.40 CEST)

The Board of Directors of Almancora Société de gestion, statutory director of KBC Ancora, decided at its meeting on 24 May 2024, to make an interim dividend payable on 6 June 2024, of EUR 4.09 gross per KBC Ancora share. The net coupon amount, after deduction of 30% withholding tax, is EUR 2.863 per share. 

No final dividend will be paid. 

The financial services will be provided by KBC Bank, KBC Brussels and CBC Banque.

Relevant dividend dates:
Ex-date: 4 June 2024
Record date: 5 June 2024
Payment date: 6 June 2024

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