KBC Ancora confirms its position as a long-term investor in KBC Group

23 November 2011

Leuven, 23 November 2011 (15.00 hrs CET)

There is currently pressure on a number of shares in the financial sector. This is also affecting KBC Group, in which KBC Ancora has a participating interest of approximately 23%. KBC Ancora confirms that it is fully maintaining its position as a long-term investor in KBC Group. There is no question of any KBC Group shares being sold.

KBC Group has numerous strengths which justify this position:

  • a strong liquidity position
  • a healthy capital base
  • core activities which generate good operating results
  • strongly performing banking and insurance networks both in Belgium and Central Europe


These strengths continue to apply in the turbulent atmosphere that is currently affecting the financial markets as a result of the eurozone crisis and the problems of sovereigndebt in several European countries. The political context and global economic outlook are also contributing to the uncertainty on the markets.

KBC Ancora believes that the turbulence in the markets could persist in the near term, but reaffirms that this is no reason for it to alter its long-term vision.

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